Dead Guy Walking: The Undertaker’s Legendary Streak

A stuffed stadium is silenced as all of the lights are unexpectedly turned off. In the darkness, the bunch anxiously anticipates for the sound of a large bell to signal the melody of a death march in the history. DONG… DONG… The entire arena is lit with a spark of lightning and a spooky fog envelops the lengthy trail leading to the band. Subsequently abruptly, the Undertaker emerges and takes his slow, extended march down the aisle.

Should you be a wrestling fanatic, whether you adore him or maybe not, you have to applaud the dead man for giving each and every one among us match after match of simply pure breathtaking performances. His conflicts during Wrestler Mania have significantly defined Hell in a Cell, and him – Buried Alive, Coffin Match, Last Ride match, although he’s had many exceptionally acclaimed fights all through his career.


These thrilling matches have all been associated with the Phenom and have both headlined WrestleMania as the main event or acted as a third chief event. Undertaker His fights have really gotten the most hype, even if it was not headlining. How could it not? His just presence in the ring was enough to talk about alone. It’s also somehow provided rise to an unexpected and unplanned storyline in the Undertaker’s previously illustrious career – the Streak.

The Run looked to have taken a life on its own; and the whole organization was intelligent enough to cherish it.

But this streak has been frowned upon by others. Some say he was just at the right position, at the right time. Others believe that his earliest matches were against subpar challengers whose vocations have previously peaked and were looking for an anti climactic way out. Whatever the debate may be, it’s obviously evident that this has immortalized him in a sense that no other celeb can ever reproduce.

With WrestleMania coming up, supporters are anticipated to come in the millions to see whether the Phenom will be capable of continue his winning ways or will finally rest in peace.

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